Coupling lighting with intelligence


We are a lighting technology company providing our clients specialised LED solutions for high-energy efficiency, optimised quality of light and integrating “smart” technologies. Using unique control systems we are able to retrofit lighting systems to the most modern standards with minimal impact upon the building.

With our proprietary research and lighting technologies we are able to deliver superior human centric solutions through our ability to control lighting spectrums.



Our lighting products range from streetlights with an array of options including security, connectivity and solar, leading technologies for industrial and interior solutions, human centric well being and healing as well as agricultural systems.


With our controllers we are able to monitor and manage all lighting solutions allowing for further energy and cost reduction, communication between lights and data banking which is critical for asset owners.


We are a technology driven company focused on integrating new technologies that enhances the values of lighting solutions to drive greater efficiencies, security and connectivity.


The Lumicrom team consists of highly experienced members of the lighting, solar power, photonics, IoT, artificial intelligence and Smart City industries. Senior board members have longstanding experience of these sectors, which includes significant contributions to major projects particularly in the fields of commercial and street lighting LED, solar parks and control systems for facilities management. Lumicrom also has strong expertise in the design and project management of innovative energy saving technologies, from concept through to installation and monitoring.

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